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Kindle you

at Tao of Venus

At Tao of Venus, we provide the natural tools to help kindle you inside and out.

We combine concepts of integrative medicine to heal from within and spark your natural beauty.

Take a dive in our relaxing hyperbaric oxygen chambers to kindle your life.

Enhance Collagen Production with Microneedling & Optimize with our Oxygen Burst.

Lipo Freeze Sculpt only $300 per area or $350 for a paired area such as inner legs, lower arms, love handles, etc...

If you want to go a step further, we offer consultations to address hormonal imbalances, thyroid support, blood sugar imbalance, weight loss programs, chronic inflammation, brain health, digestive support and more.


We can order functional lab tests to get to the root of your health concerns or simply to optimize your genetic potential. 


kindle you!




Per Area


Village Drip 

IV Vitamin C

Citrus IV Vitamin Village



By Tao of Venus

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