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The Functional Fertility Method

The factors generally accepted to cause infertility are:

  • Age

  • ​Hormone abnormalities

  • ​Smoking or excessive alcohol

  • Extreme weight gain or loss

  • Excessive physical or emotional stress that results in hormonal imbalances

  • Structural abnormalities in reproductive organs


But there is more to the infertility story!

The conventional infertility factors mentioned above are important, but what is really going on under the surface to cause all this infertility?

Scientists are placing the blame increasingly on environmental factors as the cause of rising infertility rates of almost all types of infertility (explained or unexplained). The good news is that these factors are within your control to change so you can increase your chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.​

Lab Testing for Infertility

Metabolic, nutritional, and toxic factors are major causes of infertility. Targeted lab testing has the potential to uncover the root causes of infertility.  Not only are they major causes of infertility, but they are major causes of preventable childhood health problems such as autism, asthma, learning disabilities, and digestive issues.

Identifying underlying health issues behind infertility is of paramount importance. Armed with the right knowledge about your health, you can target your approach to overcoming infertility.


The Functional Fertility Method is an important science based method of determining exactly where your underlying health challenges lie and to assist you on your fertility journey. It is a perfect compliment to those also going through Assisted Reproductive Technologies. It consists of functional medicine consultations, functional lab testing to get to the root cause, lifestyle and supplement optimization.

Why is this Method Different?

The Functional Fertility Method provides you with a revolutionary, yet comprehensive and holistic perspective on infertility. Most infertility treatments try to force the body to conceive with medications, hormone manipulations, intrauterine inseminations, and in-vitro fertilization without optimizing the health of the body first. These fertility treatments are often helpful, but the the root cause of the imbalance is often not addressed first. For example, hormonal problems are a cause of infertility. However, a more permanent, healthier fix is achieved through specific fertility-enhancing lifestyle modifications and nutritional support that help the body heal its own hormonal imbalances at the root while balancing one's biochemistry. 

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other expensive techniques can cost up to $20,000 per treatment. So for patients that still need that support, we help with you and your partner's health so you can optimize your success. The Functional Fertility Method has amazingly positive side effects: improved overall health for you and baby, you feel better, and may even look better. This is because the Functional Fertility Method optimizes the health of the entire body while improving the health of your reproductive organs and increasing fertility. Most importantly, the Functional Fertility Method helps you create the most healthy baby and optimizes it's development.

Medical doctors who are specially trained in infertility know a lot about the most effective interventions for increasing your chances of getting pregnant. These techniques include in vitro fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine insemination (IUI), and more. They can also perform tests, such as hysterosalpingogram, which can identify structural problems that may be contributing to your infertility.

However, if patient's had the metabolic support and optimized their body before IUI's and IVF, they will be in a much healthier position for success. Consequently, while the treatments can help you reach your goals, they don’t cover the full spectrum and root causes of infertility. The Functional Fertility Method dovetails with conventional fertility treatments and can be used alone or in combination with fertility treatments prescribed by a fertility doctor. The Functional Fertility Method fills the gap, and it does so inexpensively. 

This is why we created the Functional Fertility Method. The method is designed to augment your fertility treatments and advice from your doctor to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Not only can the Functional Fertility Method increase your chances of having a baby, but will increase the health of your baby by optimizing you and your partner's health ahead of time.


You can start with just the Functional Fertility Method course and begin an at home self-care program or start with our Functional Fertility Method consultations and add the course later or purchase the complete Functional Fertility Method program with the consultations and course together. 

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