Fertility Massage

 Venus Fertility Massage - $250 - 60 minutes

For over 15 years, Beth has offered Fertility Massages to her patients at Tao of Venus. She continuously studies new therapies to optimize her patient’s fertility and now offers a new hybrid of her fertility training in The Venus Fertility Massage at her new Brentwood location.

The Venus Fertility Massage is a one hour transforming experience that includes abdominal and uterine massage and integrates castor oil and LED red light therapy.

We highly recommend you follow-up your massage with a V-Steam and / or a hyperbaric oxygen session.


How does Uterine Massage Help with Fertility?

This massage incorporates techniques to open congestion over the uterus, diaphragm muscles and digestive system and aids in strengthening the uterine ligaments to help the uterus fall back into proper position. Each massage is customized to optimize the client’s needs and goals. Women will notice changes often from one session whether less cramping, clots, brighter menstrual blood, bladder and digestive issues and less painful intercourse.  The increase in blood flow and oxygenation will create an optimal environment for implantation.

When to Experience The Venus Fertility Massage

It is best to experience the Venus Fertility Massage once your period is complete and before ovulation if you are activity trying to conceive. If you are not activity trying to conceive then having three sessions a month is ideal depending on your concern. If you have more stagnation in your uterus such as endometriosis and cramps, then we would recommend more than someone with no period pain.

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