Tao of Venus is the vision of Beth Meneley, L.Ac.,  licensed acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

At Tao of Venus, we create the space to allow you to redefine beauty and wellness with non-invasive wellness tools.

As we have been re-imagining Tao of Venus, we are training staff to help you live your best life. We will relaunch our functional medicine and fertility programs in 2020. 

At Tao of Venus, we have always approached beauty and wellness from the inside out. With our new PureBody Sculpt program, our wellness goals are the same, however, we saw that many of our clients are drawn to the approach of optimizing the outside in first. 

We created our new programs with this approach in mind.

Beth Meneley is also the wellness director and co-owner of OxygenWell and LA Hyperbaric Oxygen Center. A firm believer in the power of oxygen under pressure to heal, she originally discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy over 15 years ago during her research into integrative cancer therapies. Watching her father and brother lose their battle to cancer at a young age, Beth was determined to become a practitioner where she could create a place of wellness and healing for her patients.


Beth was intrigued by the vast therapeutic applications of HBOT and credits oxygen in helping her restore her own health challenges. She is very well educated in hyperbaric medicine programs and can help patients and their doctors create a customized program to meet their wellness goals. 


Beth received her Master's Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine graduating with honors from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2003. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz, completed the certification program with the Institute of Functional Medicine and Environmental Medicine for Healthcare Professionals.  She is also a practitioner with Seeking Health Educational Institute with advance training in Nutrigenomics and also trains with MedMaps, The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special needs. She spends much of her time attending the latest integrative biomedical medicine seminars and conferences to best support her patients wellness goals. She has advanced studies in integrative oncology, environmental medicine, immunology, Lyme disease, mycotoxins, autism spectrum and epigenetics. She is the author of the Riley the Porcupine children's wellness book series inspired by her research in pediatric wellness and her son Riley.


Beth previously created and was the wellness director of Tao of Venus Wellness Center, a full-service fertility and wellness center that incorporated acupuncture, nutrition, nutrigenomic and functional medicine therapies, detox therapies and fertility massage.

She is available to help guide patients on their wellness journey.

The Meaning Behind the Name:

Tao of Venus


Tao means infinite, boundless, and all-pervading. It is the essence of everything. In the symbol of Taoism, the character on the left side of the symbol means “feet”, or moving on, to run, or to progress by degrees. The symbol on the right represents the “head” or the “leader.” Together they symbolize the way, the path or the road. It also represents a pupil following a master. We walk this path following masters before us and help to guide you on yours. Walk with us as we redefine women’s wellness together.


Venus represents the goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, fertility, and victory. At Tao of Venus, we are here to guide you on your path through womanhood, optimizing all that the goddess Venus represents.

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